Medical Analysis and Assessment

ANTEVIS offers you a comprehensive and objective medical analysis of medical malpractice liability claims based on expert assessments.

We offer medical assessments, a medical case management, the assessment of existing rehab/long-term care situations as well as the evaluation of invalidities. If requested, medical assessments can be combined with our service DATA MANAGEMENT, the structuring and normalisation of medical data. All medical specialists involved can use the COCKPIT, a digital manager of bodily injury claims, as a platform for their medical evaluation.

Our services help you to determine a range of issues concerning medical malpractice liability claims, including the cause of injuries, the long-term impact of medical conditions or whether the applicable standard of care was met. Our experts break down the medical records and build a comprehensive understanding of the pathology and the treatment protocols – resulting in an objective and scientific evaluation of each liability claim.

Key benefits

  • Objective medical evaluation
  • Cost reduction and more transparency for the claims settlement process

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