Data Management

Digitalising and structuring medical data are the basis of understanding and handling medical malpractice liability. Data management with ANTEVIS gives you the whole picture of each bodily injury claim.

ANTEVIS collects medical documents from physicians and hospitals involved in the treatment of a bodily injury claimant and extracts all relevant information from the files received. Especially medical data is normalised and structured by national codification standards and added to a global data base.

Thus, accurate and relevant data extraction by ANTEVIS sets the stage for efficient subsequent processes. Our medically versed date extraction experts unlock the contents of medical documents and turn them into usable data to be integrated into our digital platforms, for instance into the COCKPIT, a digital manager of bodily injury claims – making the claims handling process easier, more cost efficient and faster.

Key benefits

  • Increased processing speed
  • High level of data quality
  • Maximum transparency thanks to clean and comparable data sets
  • Cost reduction in the overall management of bodily injury claims

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