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ANTEVIS’ core values –  innovate, team up, empower and operate sustainably

At ANTEVIS, company culture and corporate values define how we conduct business and interact with our stakeholders. Innovation and value creation, teamwork and empowerment are the defining characteristics of our corporate culture and shape our behaviour in everything we do.

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Innovation and value creation

Innovation is the core value of our company; with our medically based and data-driven products, we are at the vanguard of digitalisation and automation in the insurance industry. We strive for excellence; our purpose is to create lasting value for our customers and contribute to their success.

Teamwork and appreciation

Our success is defined by the ability to build relationships with our stakeholders, interact within diverse, multicultural teams, and share knowledge with and build value for our customers. We are open and team oriented. Mutual respect and appreciation within the team and among colleagues is of central importance. We firmly believe that only by thinking and acting together, we are able to create added value and innovative products for our customers.

Empowerment and Sustainability

Success is in our hands, and every employee has the power to contribute to it. We empower people to work in an autonomous way and to be accountable for our company’s success, our customers’ satisfaction, and our colleagues’ well-being.

We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously and have high standards for our role as a company. We are convinced that sustainable economic, ecological, and socially responsible conduct of all our activities is the foundation for long-term corporate success.